Youth Fund Nigeria is aimed at training and funding the youths for business startups. When the youths are gainfully employed, we will have a crime free Nigeria and that’s the primary aim of Youth Fund Nigeria. Religious Organisation, Company, Business Owners, Federal & State Governments / LGA’s, NGO’s, Government Agencies, International Bodies, individuals.This great vision […]

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in our efforts to create a crime free society by equipping the Nigerian youths with skills and empowering them with funding to start their businesses, below are the various forms of businesses in which registered participants that have no skill yet can choose from. The various skills here are from already established business owners that […]

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Nation building through youth empowerment is one of our core value. We therefore are calling or the entire masses whom love good things, peace, unity and progress of our nation to join and partner with us in one way or the other to enable us empower more participants with training and funds to start a […]

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The events of Youth Fund Nigerian will be captured live from time to time during our TV presentation of the business empowerment cash award at every end of any edition. The events live coverage is to make it memorable and interesting as its youths related and so should be lively. The events will be shown […]

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Youth Fund Nigeria is a Non-Governmental Organization that specialize in Youth Empowerment through skill trainings and funding for business startup/development. Our core aim is to help reduce the high rate of unemployment among the Nigeria youths and Africa at large. Thereby reducing poverty, crime and all of its kind. We hold this programme of training and business funding on monthly basis so as to get more hands equipped with skills and also be empowered financially to establish a business. In respect to this, we still need more sponsors to partner with us in making our effort of reducing poverty by donating to this initiative. You can contact the management by mailing through:

The NGO, Youth Fund Nigeria was founded by Desmond Chima Okorie. Youth Fund Nigeria was founded to be a name known for training and funding of Nigerian youths for business startup and development and thereby creating a peaceful society.
The Founder, Desmond Chima Okorie is an ICT Consultant. He has huge passion for business. Most importantly, he has huge passion for humanity. To make people happy. And we all know a hungry man is an angry man. And an angry man if not well counseled will indulge in negativities. Therefore, the founder, Youth Fund Nigeria is eagerly concerned of making sure that people are gainfully employed into different businesses which will help reduce crime in our society and create a peaceful Nigeria.
Our core vision is to help reduce poverty among Nigerian youths and Africa to its bearest minimum. Having achieved that, we will have a crime free society.


This great vision is achieved through skill trainings, job creation and funding for business startup and development.